”Be beautiful TODAY, NOT when you’ve lost the weight, not when you’re 20 and not when you’re in the perfect pair of jeans because YOU are a GIFT and someone SPECIAL and just as beautiful as the next person"

Welcome to my home!

I am originally from Venezuela, where I lived a typical childhood with his parents,Naifer and Milena. Naiffer’s early interest on photography began when his father gave him his beloved canon AE-1 camera. My first love quickly became a small darkroom at my collage's dorm. In that 5’x5’ space I began experimenting with printing and developing film. Few years later I moved to the US to continue my studies at University of Pennsylvania to complete my graduate degree, while going to graduate school I took interest in the art program and enrolled in several photography classes from the Upenn’s School of Design. 
This education really set my foundation as photographer and woke up my passion for fashion and editorial photography. In 2005, I began shooting small assignments for Philadelphia Inquirer, as well as began building my fashion editorial portfolio in a shared photo studio. During my time at the Inquirer, I shot over 100 assignments. 
In 2010, I moved to Washington DC to take a job on a federal agency, and also began a long term collaborative relationship with sport photographer Tom Turk, which continued into the opening of a state-of-art photography/art studio in downtown DC. We have co-directed numerous editorial,commercial, and fashion campaign for national and international labels and designers. I have had the opportunity to be involved with several non-profit organizations: FGI,Weave, St.Judes, among others.
In 2013, I launched a long term photographic project called “Fashion Citizen”. The project looks to highlight the intrinsic, challenged, involving but beautiful process of fashion design from within. Some of my work has been published and exhibit, including: “In the Back Alley” a collaboration editorial with a DC emerging designer published in Vogue Italia. 
I continue my love for the dark room by using a 8x10” field camera to create large scale, 30x40” prints...

What I believe!
1) I believe that ALL women deserve to feel beautiful
2) Feeling beautiful builds confidence in women.
3) ALL women have a negative voice in their heads that slams down their beauty - "If I were only thinner. If my nose was smaller, If I knew how to dress properly, If I didn't have stretch marks. If I were younger." It goes on and on and ON - There isn't a woman on the planet that doesn't have an "If I were only" running in their heads at some point in their lives.
4) Beauty is SOOOOOOO much more than skin deep. Beauty truly comes from within and when you are feeling beautiful, it shows on the outside
5) Allowing yourself permission to feel and be beautiful isn't 'selfish', 'arrogant', 'untruthful' or something that 'nice girls' shouldn't feel. In fact, when you allow your self permission to be beautiful, amazing things begin to happen.
6) "Celebrate Yourself" is an opportunity to "celebrate" your inner beauty and take a chance to be beautiful. 
7) When you can see yourself as beautiful, amazing things happen. It can be incredibly empowering, life changing and can even dramatically change your perspective about how you see yourself.
8) With each woman who comes to be photographed, I am reminded again how honoured I am that they trust me. I know personally how much you worry about being photographed.

I invite you to come and CELEBRATE who you are, YOU are a GIFT and someone very special...

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